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Screen NameDate Story
Flounder Pounder08/17/2018 Floundering with my boys!
MotoMoto08/05/2018 Took my son Brantley fishing on the beach today you just can’t beat a Florida sunset!
Gig Master08/01/2018 Fishing Kings Lake with the boys!!! Was a lot of fun! πŸ‘
Gig Master07/20/2018 My little buddy slaying the bass!!! 😎
Gig Master07/08/2018 Sister had to get in on some of the action!
Gig Master05/26/2018 Rusty with 2 nice catfish!!
Gig Master04/05/2018 Izzy slaying the bass!! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
Fish Slayer08/26/2017 This is how we like to start the day.
Gig Master07/22/2017 My daughter and I went catfish gigging for the first time tonight and it was a lot of fun. I would recommend trying it if you have never been.
Gig Master07/04/2017 My son and I doing a little fishing on the bay to celebrate the 4th of July. Can't think of any better way to celebrate Independence Day!!
Gig Master06/04/2017 These boys had a great time flounder gigging and for one of them it was a first time that I know he will never forget.
Love2Fish05/14/2017 Caught one so big I had trouble picking it up.
Tight Line04/08/2017 Caught these nice sheepshead this morning in one of my favorite fishing holes.
Fish Slayer04/01/2017 My first nice spec of the season!
Gig Master02/19/2017 JJ and her first Red Fish!
Hackberry Hustler11/26/2016  
 10/16/2016 We had a ton of fun catching White Trout today!
 10/15/2016 We caught a few black tip sharks.
Tight Line09/10/2016 We slayed the fish this morning!!
Love2Fish09/05/2016 The best way to spend Labor Day!
Fish Slayer09/04/2016  
Tight Line09/03/2016  
Flounder Pounder09/03/2016 Catching some bass with my number 1 fishing partner.
Fish Slayer07/30/2016 Red Fish aka Spotted Tail Bass
Fish Slayer07/30/2016 Another nice Red
Fish Master07/23/2016 Catching some small mouth bass and pike in Canada! ProGigs Team
Fish Master07/13/2016 Caught this 8.5 lb pike today.
Rooster06/20/2016 Caught this really nice cat at our fish camp.
Fish Master05/29/2016 We loaded the stringer up fishing out of Destin FL on Sweet Jody.
Rooster05/28/2016 Another good day at the lake!
Rooster05/27/2016 Having a good day on Lake Eufaula.
Tight Line04/24/2016 Love to be on the water first thing in the morning.
Brant Brant04/07/2016 Brant Brant caught these fine bream on his birthday.
RiverCat04/02/2016 Caught these nice bass and about 8 more on the river today. 
Izzy03/19/2016 My mom and I slayed them today!
Rooster03/12/2016 Caught this 8lb bass today.
Mike03/04/2016 Not a bad way to start a Friday.
Brant Brant03/02/2016 Caught these nice fish in my MeMe's pond.
Izzy01/01/2016 I caught this 5.5 pound bass on New Years day!!
Love2Fish11/11/2015 Starting Veterans Day off right!!
Fish Slayer10/31/2015 Nice way to start the morning.
Gig Master09/26/2015 My son and I had a good day on the bay we caught this nice Black Drum and several mullet.   
Fish Master09/26/2015 We nearly filled the cooler to the top!
Rooster09/26/2015 It's always fun when your catching reds!
Flounder Pounder09/17/2015 19" flounder 
Rooster09/07/2015 We slayed the catfish this past weekend.
FishFinder09/03/2015 We had an excellent night on the bay.
RiverCat08/29/2015 I used your 5 prong frog gig last night and it worked great!! Thanks
Gig Master08/14/2015 Just got this nice flounder tonight.
RiverCat08/01/2015 I caught a couple of nice Reds today.
frogassassin07/29/2015 First trip... Success!!
Gig Master07/10/2015 Took the kids gigging on Friday and came back with two really nice flounder.  My son was very excited to have gigged this flounder that he spotted and gigged without old dads help.
Gig Master07/10/2015 I took my little girl on her first floundering trip and she gigged this very nice 18" flounder.  Check out the pick of her actually gigging the flounder, she was too excited to do it all on her own with just a little guidance from dad. 
Gig Master07/10/2015 This is my daughter actually gigging the flounder!! I'm positive she will never want to stay home again when daddy and brother go floundering.  ;-)
Tight Line05/10/2015 You never know what the bay holds.
Ronster05/09/2015 Nothing beats being on the lake.
Tight Line05/09/2015 It's always a good day fishing when you bring home a flounder.
Fish Slayer05/09/2015 It was a good day, we have a cooler full of fish.
Fish Slayer04/25/2015 We had a nice selection of fish today, caught a Pompano, Bluefish, and some Spanish.
Fish Slayer04/18/2015 Guys the Spanish are in the gulf.
Fish Master10/10/2014 Went with my Dad to throw the cast net for some shrimp. We caught about 2 lbs it was allot of fun.
Fish Master09/20/2014 Throwing the net for some mullet!
Fish Master09/06/2014 This is the way to start out the day!
Fish Slayer08/29/2014  
Tight Line08/16/2014 This is the right way to start out the morning!
Fish Master08/10/2014 My buddy Blaze caught this awesome bass in our private pond.
Fish Master08/10/2014 We gigged this 22" flounder that weighed 2.5 lbs tonight. It was the only one we found, but at least it kept us from going home empty handed. I'm sure these boys will be talking about this fishing trip for a while. I could tell just by their facial expressions they are hooked!!
Love2Fish07/18/2014 Caught some Reds and can't wait to get the grease hot.
Luke07/05/2014 We slayed them!!!
Love2Fish06/09/2014 At least we did not go home empty handed and fishing is always better than being at work even when you only catch a few ;-).
Fish Slayer06/07/2014 This fish was caught yesterday in the Choctawhatchee Bay on hook and line.
Fish Master05/03/2014 Nothing is better than catching a few reds!!!!!
Izzy04/26/2014 Its always a good day when the kids are outdoors having fun this is what I call making memories.
Fish Slayer03/22/2014 This is a great way to start out the 2014 fishing season.
Tight Line11/30/2013 Caught this huge Bull Red in the Chochawhatchee Bay, it was more fun than I can describe.
Flounder Pounder11/07/2013 Got these 3 flounder and some crabs.
Flounder Pounder11/06/2013 Had a good night on the Choctawhatchee Bay.
Night Stalker10/25/2013 Found these frogs in the family pond, now its time to heat up the oil!
Flounder Pounder09/30/2013 Got this one last night using the 3 prong hybrid gig combo and it worked great!
Fish Slayer09/21/2013 This 26 lbs Black Drum took 15mins to bring in and was a boat load of fun!
TechFisher09/20/2013 22" Flounder
Sea Stalker09/07/2013 Nice night on the bay!
 07/02/2013 Gigged using 2 Prong with aluminum pole from!
 04/10/2013 My first flounder caught on bait.
 10/07/2012 A good night to go floundering
 09/26/2012 Larry's typical floundering trip.
 09/03/2012 Floundering in choctawhatchee bay.
 05/06/2012 This is a cool frog.
 09/05/2011 A good night on the river frog gigging.
Fish Master08/19/2011 Caught this bass fishing in a private pond close to my house.

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