Flounder Light Backpack Model
Flounder Light Backpack Model
Flounder Light Backpack Model

Flounder Light Backpack Model

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Our Backpack Edition Flounder Light is the perfect setup for beginners and experienced flounder giggers. This light is extremely bright (100 Watt LED) and will enable you to see things you would never be able to see with a flashlight. The light and pole are made from aluminum (NOT PVC) so its durable and strong.  The pole comes with the light mounted on a swivel end so you can adjust the light up and down depending on your height.  The pole also features two key benefits that can make your night on the water much more enjoyable.  We have included a rubber hand grip and an Arm Cuff to insure your long night flounder gigging does not turn into an unexpected workout session.

All our products are made in the USA with pride! 

If you have an issue with our products, please give us a call and we will take care of your issue.

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely Bright
  • 100 Watt LED
  • Hand Grip
  • Arm Cuff


  • Light Head - 4 x 3 x 2
  • Light Pole is 1" Aluminum Pipe (NOT PVC) and 4ft Long


  • We included 1ea,  12 Volt,  7 aH battery and a trickle charger.  If you need additional batteries they can be found at your local Walmart or Tractor supply.

    Please click the video icon below to see first hand how well this light works.